Avoid These Essay Spelling Mistakes

When writing an essay, spelling mistakes can ruin an otherwise amazing paper. Students who are writing an essay want to earn a good grade on the paper and showcase their skills, but it seems that there are so many obstacles standing in the way of doing that. You can always hire a company like www.assignmentholic.co.uk to write your paper. Professional writers avoid the common spelling mistakes many students make, ensuring a 100% original, well-written paper that earns you the grade. The cost of buying a custom written paper from a writing service company varies, but it is always reasonable.

Even if you hire a writing company, it is essential that you understand the common spelling mistakes that are made so you can avoid them in the future. Everyone can benefit from knowledge of the English language and correct spelling of words. Below find a few important rules to keep in mind when writing to avoid making the same common spelling mistakes as so many others.


·    Remember that i always comes before e in a word. For example, friend, believe- i before e. However, this rule doesn’t apply always. Use ei after the letter c, or when the sound is an a sound, such as in the word weight.

·    When a word ends in y, change the y to an i when adding a suffix. For example, runny would turn into running.

·    Spellcheck your work to avoid typos. Although there are programs that can check words for you, nothing is better than your own eyes because these programs may miss certain words and may be unable to identify others.

·    If a word ends in a vowel and a consonant, double the consonant when a suffix is added. For example, the word swim would turn into swimmer.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if it is needed. As a good rule of thumb, jot down any words that you frequently misspell or misused, and learn more about those words in your free time. Spending a few minute to learn the rules helps you well into the future, since making the same mistakes won’t continue happening once you’ve learned.

Teachers are always there to help. They’d rather you ask questions and learn than continue doing the work the incorrect way. However, if you do not feel comfortable asking for help from the teacher, many other sources are also available that can be generous in providing the details that you need. The Internet, of course, is the place to go to learn all the information that you need to succeed.

When the day is done, it is up to you to understand spelling and use it properly so that you can write an amazing essay that gets the grade you want and the attention that you need. Use the tips above to learn the right ways to spelling success. You’ll be glad that you put this information to work for you.